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You Need An Intel


To navigate unknown territories correctly, we need special intelligence- information that is not obvious to our senses. Many of us make life decisions but do not have enough information to know that the decision we are making is the right one at that moment; because we do not have foresight, hindsight and insight. This is never a big deal with small issues of life but it becomes a major issue with life changing decisions. I have also discovered that there are two different types of INTEL. Let me illustrate my point:-
I shared with a lady earlier today my understanding of something PE said, which was – ‘In life, to be successful; we all need INTEL – an inside informant that will help us make the right decisions.’ Years ago, I was going to make a decision on a life partner and the gentleman that came to indicate his interest in me was a nice man and seemed to tick many boxes; however when I went to pray about our possible association, the Holy Spirit – my INTEL, saved me from making a negative decision. He told me NO and I decided to obey Him- this led to my peace. A few years down the line I met my husband and again; the same INTEL told me he was the one for me at the appropriate time. I am forever grateful to my INTELfor inside information.

The second type of INTEL we need in life is someone that knows about the place and the secrets of a place and situation who can give us a tip or two on how to navigate an area of life either because they have gone through that route or because they are more experienced. We call them mentors. Naomi was an INTEL for Ruth and she helped navigate Ruth through a new and difficult phase of life to come into a place of greater joy and blessings. We all need a mentor that will show us the blueprints of life and take us through the routes because they are familiar with such and we are not. When we first got into the United Kingdom, we were blessed to have met our pastor who shaped our mind-set and a couple in our local church who talked us through how to avoid the financial landmines of the land that always sets people back. We followed their instruction and truly avoided these landmines. Today, the rest is history because we had INTEL!

Even God put so much emphasis on these INTELs. Moses needed Hobab to go with them through the wilderness because he had the experience and that came handy. The bible showed the need for mentors as they helped people become the best they could be. Paul was a good mentor to Timothy. Elijah to Elisha. All in all – we need the INTEL provided firstly by the Holy Spirit and great mentors as it helps us make the right decision and walk the right path. Gods’ word says:-
The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” – Psalm 32:8
As we start winding down on this year and planning as well as moving towards the new year; we need to be well aware of the fact that there is the ‘best pathway’, ‘best person’, ‘best project’, ‘best decision’. God who is the ultimate INTEL and inside informant can give us the best information and direction, please trust Him and lean on Him to. I promise you one thing…you will not regret it!

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